Untitled“The historian should be fearless and incorruptible; a man of independence, loving frankness and truth; one who, as the poet says, calls a fig a fig and a spade a spade. He should yield to neither hatred nor affection, but should be unsparing and unpitying.  He should be neither shy nor deprecating, but an impartial judge, giving each side all it deserves but no more. He should know in his writings no country and no city; he should bow to no authority and acknowledge no king. He should never consider what this or that man will think, but should state the facts as they really occurred.“ — Greek writer Lucian and John Wright’s favorite quote.

John Wright is a homeowner who devoted seven years to journaling on his high profile blog every day after losing his successful business of 25 years and his home and suffering a financial downfall that fractured his family life in 2008.

Over the last seven years Mr. Wright has gathered and documented vast amounts of information on a day to day basis. Unlike other bloggers he has managed to not only relay crucial information to homeowners, but also to find humor with anecdotes, analogies, youtubes and entertaining human interest narratives from his unique personal experiences. His articles and writings have been called “hilarious” “informative” “compelling” and “entertaining”. It is an accomplishment other high profile bloggers have said few can match.

Major Russian Newspaper Features John Wright’s Story and His Lawsuit

In 2013 John Wright and his story was posted all over Europe in a major Russian Moscow-based news website.   Lenta.ru is a  Moscow-based news website in Russian language, owned by Rambler Media Group which belongs to Prof-Media. It is considered one of the most popular Russian language online resources with over 600 thousand visitors daily.

fixed Wright said:  “I cannot help but conclude that as a direct result of my experiences and Bank of America’s potentially irregular, fraudulent and simply abusive home loan modification process, we are losing our ability and right to pursue the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” John Wright said. “That’s why it gives me great pleasure to participate in this lawsuit, which I call “The American People vs. Bank of America.” — said Wright.  Company Brookstone Law modestly silent on remuneration, which owed in the event of a successful outcome of the hearing for Wright. Victory for Wright is achievable.”– Lenta.ru  

Mr. Wright discovered his talent and passion for journaling when he found himself no longer CEO of his A+ rated business. His  initial purpose was to journal his experiences as a high profile plaintiff in one of the first lawsuits against Bank of America to come out of the Great Financial and Mortgage Crisis of our times. — Wright et al vs. Bank of America

As a homeowner in foreclosure himself, not only does he focus on updates in his lawsuit and pending legislation, but he also provides you a front row seat to his fascinating behind the scenes live encounters with big players from both sides of the issues — such as bankers, foreclosure attorneys, shills, homeowners, fake homeowner advocates — along with controversial journalists and lawyers.

“John Wright is a rare bird with a fifty-foot wingspan only seen during tragic times in human history such as nuclear and world wars.” — according to one high profile attorney.

Initially, his unique perspective and “tongue in cheek” style appeared to be a somewhat unlikely beacon of hope for the thousands of frustrated and desperate Americans seeking legitimate paths to save their homes.  However, many say a beacon is exactly what he became. That’s because his posts and articles removed the uncertainty and fear and confusion and gave millions of homeowners hope during one of our nations worst economic disasters since the Great Depression.

John Wright retired from blogging on October 5th, 2014 due to health issues and after blogging nearly every single day since May of 2010.  He decided to return to blogging after hundreds of homeowners wrote in asking him to return.  Therefore, on June 20th, 2015, Mr. Wright surprised his audience with letting them know he was back.

Gifted with a keen intuition to quickly detect the wide range of predatory schemes that cropped up over these years, he exposed a diverse group of characters and revealed obscure facts surrounding the fraud that caused the “worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.”  One by one John Wright and Piggybankblog.com took on a host of players — such as loan mod scammers AND cyberspace bullies and even Bank of America itself.  He did not shy away even one time from double-dealers capable of any mean trick.  He instead made use of simple analogies, cleverly placed youtubes, personal experiences and entertaining anecdotes in full view of the audience.  By quickly identifying potentially irregular and fraudulent and simply illegal mortgage and banking practices Piggybankblog.com rapidly earned the respect and following of homeowners and attorneys and media and professional people around the nation.

Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion, it gives the Piggybankblog Staff great pleasure to present you the “ONE” and “Only” John Wright and Piggybankblog.com.  Welcome to PiggyBankBlog.com.