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Grand Opening New Site Picture FourAll Rise! The Honorable Judge John Wright Has Entered The Courtroom of Public Opinion!


June 15th, 2015

By John Wright


Many people sent in emails over the past few months asking me to please return to Piggybankblog.  However, unfortunately, I have not been able to return due to serious health issues requiring medical attention and treatment over the past eight months. Nevertheless I am happy to report to you the doctors have stated that I am now physically healthy enough to return to as your host.  This is with the understanding that I make certain changes in my routine that accommodate these medical issues.

Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion, I am happy to announce that the mysterious Johnny Wonka has finally decided to open the gates to the public again.  The gates that allow you to enter into my mysterious mind and my mysterious Piggybankblog world.

I have to go now though!  That’s because I can hear my grand entrance bells ringing!  I will see you at the front gates!

Picture 73Please be advised the following changes will be taking place regarding the above mentioned changes in my routine.  Thank you for your understanding.

  1. As some of you might already know, is brought to you by your donations.  Therefore, with that being understood, “John’s Daily Blog” will be available for those who donate to the site.  This is based on the fact that “John’s Daily Blog” involves a great deal of work.  It is ultimately the reason I want to make sure there is enough interest before I commit to writing in “John’s Daily Blog” again. Otherwise, unfortunately, I will have no other choice but to phase out “John’s Daily Blog” if there is not enough interest.  I will — however — continue to write articles available to the general public.
  2. I will be designating a Piggybankblog Staff Member who will read and address your emails in an effort to limit the constant public access to me. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. I have appointed “Piggybankblog Staff Members” to manage the site and manage me and manage what articles I will write in the future.
  4. Older and past “daily blogs” and certain “Piggybankblog articles” will be deleted to ensure the process of “re-inventing” is a smooth and successful transition.  The old site with the old re-posted articles from other sites will remain.  New articles will be posted on the new Piggybankblog site.   I will write the first article on June 23rd, 2015 on the new site.  The first article will about the recent October win for the Brookstone Plaintiffs involved in the Wright et al vs. Bank of America lawsuit.
  5. Don’t forget to click on the picture on the lower left and sign the contract  before you enter

willy-wonka-contractPlease be advised the site will be going through some major cosmetic changes and maintenance over the next few days before I can write another article or daily blog. This is mainly based on the fact that it is my intention to comeback “re-invented” as a “homeowner” who is only interested in writing more “conventional articles” about the banks and the lawsuit I am currently involved in with Bank of America. In the upcoming blog in the future I will also explain to the audience the reasons why I wish to no longer be considered a “protester” but instead be considered a “homeowner” who is interested in publicly studying the problems and solutions regarding only mortgage related issues. 

Therefore — Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion — with no further delay — it gives your host great pleasure to present to you THE ONE AND THE ONLY PIGGYBANKBLOG.COM.

PiggyBankBlog Courtroom Bailiff: “All Rise! .The Honorable Judge John Wright has left the Courtroom of Public Opinion!”