Editorial-replyDavid Krieger Goes Nutso In Rant To His Critics


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If Running Away From A Press Conference Wasn’t Bad Enough, Convicted Fraudster David Krieger Sends Nutso Rant Just Made It Worse

David Krieger, the convicted anti-government fraudster, pal of Serial Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones and author of the Clouded Titles, had an epic meltdown in an email rant lashing out at MFI-Miami and Attorney Matt Weidner who have publicly ridiculed  his garbage 362-page report on foreclosure fraud in Osceola County that so far has cost the county over $58,000.

The report which you can read here relies on outdated and debunked legal arguments, unsubstantiated claims of criminal wrong doing, conspiracy theories, misrepresentations of the law and as Foreclosure Defense Attorney, Matt Weidner states, full of incorrect statements of law and fact” 

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