headline_11539066_10207408842319496_5033811963321337447_oThe Case of ‘Ranger Danger’ at the State Park


This is a fundedjustice.com article.

By Rob Somerton

Trying to find safe, warm, dry housing for some elderly Valley Fire evacuees, at Clearlake State Park on Sept 26, 2015. I was unlawfully detained and assaulted by one Sgt. Darin Conner, who then accused me of “Attempted Murder” after I left the park. I eventually turned myself in, now facing these trumped-up charges!

Sgt. Conner fabricated a whopper of “fishtailing” story after I left the park that day, telling the CHP and a Lake County Sheriff’s deputy that I’d tried to run him over/down. That he was forced to grab onto my driver-side door to avoid being drawn under my truck, as I was “fishtailing” trying to get away.

That he was hit and drug for 90′ then thrown from the vehicle, was all part of his initial statement. Apparently screaming ‘Bloody Murder’ the day of the incident and law enforcement believed every word of it. His fabricated claims initiated a multi-county manhunt for me. I eventually turned myself in and then bailed out.

A few days later Conner drastically revised his story, when another deputy interviewed him, asking him to “clarify his statement.” Because, get this, ranger 03 there are NO signs of “fishtailing” at the seen. CHP has confirmed this on their own damn diagram.

We were in court for a pretrial hearing on Jan 27th and my lawyer had to draw these facts outta the LCSO deputy and CHP officer, the DA had called to testify. Conner didn’t even bother showing up in court. I was called to testify, tell my side of the story and in the end the Judge held the case over for trial.

My one and only prior arrest was inside a Bank of America branch, placed under “Citizen Arrest” by the manager for “Trespassing” inside the bank that held my mortgage. The same lawyer who is now representing me, sued BofA over this and we settled the BofA lawsuit last year.

Attached is a video of the home my father built, which was lost in the Valley Fire on Sept 12, 2015. We were there the day of the fire, just made it out ahead of the firestorm. Forced to stand by and watch from a distance, as our entire community burned to the ground.

So far, we’ve already spent about 13k on this and our lawyer says, for the best possible outcome, we must go all the way to trial. Which will cost us at least, another 15k, we just don’t have!