John Wright PictureApril 4th, 2018

It has been a very long time since I have written on  I think it’s been about two years.  There is a variety of reasons why I have not written anything, however, the original reason I stopped writing was because of health issues.  The other reason is that I have a full time job now and don’t have the same amount of time as I did while owning my own business.  Over the years there have been many who have asked me to please update the audience about my situation.  Please be advised this is the update so many of you have requested.

There have been many of you who have asked me what happened to the Wright et al. vs. Bank of America lawsuit.  The law firm representing me for the six years – Brookstone Law Group – was raided and shutdown by the FTC about a month after I moved out of my house. — Housing Wire Article and Steve Rhode Article  The raid — of course — meant that myself and about 1000 other litigants had to find representation.  I am very frustrated because this is the third law firm I have been with that has been raided and shutdown.  This is not even mentioning how my first attorney went to jail for killing his mother– Article and how my second attorney went to prison for 17 years for a multi-million dollar stock pump and dump scheme. — Article  I am told that I am now represented by Attorney Peter Nisson at Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates. — 

In the end I lost everything to the biggest economic disaster our nation has seen since the Great Depression.  I lost everything as a result of the 2008 Great Recession.  I did not lose it all at one time though.  Over the years I was taken apart piece by piece until there was nothing left.  I lost my 25 year business in November of 2011.  I lost my house with a view of Silicon Valley in March of 2016.  I had lived there for 12 years but was forced to sell it in the end. — Picture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03 Picture 04  The expensive furniture I had was either sold for cheap or simply broken up into a million pieces and thrown away in a garbage can.  I had no choice.  I had nowhere to put it. I had to have the house viewcleared out for the new owners.  Thousand dollar mirrors went for a hundred and fifty five bucks a piece.  I sold my $15,000.00 dinning room table for two hundred bucks.  The only thing I have left from my success is my black convertible Mercedes Benz.  Everything else is gone.  I remember towards the end of the day I just stood in my empty house staring out at the view of the city.  I remember exactly what I was thinking.  I was thinking about how it had taken me a lifetime to get all this furniture but just one day to lose it all.  I still had my sense of humor though.  That’s because I also thought about how I must have resembled the character Steve Martin played in the movie “The Jerk.”

I even had to give my dog away.  It ended in tragedy.  That’s because I was called several months later by the city who let me know my dog was hit by a car and critically injured.  I had to go downtown and give them permission to put him to sleep.  I cried like a baby singing the paperwork.

I eventually moved in with the neighbor once my house was cleared out for the new owners.  I was so fortunate to have a neighbor nice enough to take me in.  That’s because I had absolutely nowhere else to go.  The neighbor takes care of elderly people downstairs where my room was located.  I never spoke to but totally connected with an elderly lady who lived in another room in the house.  Her room was right next to mine.  It was her first night too.  I remember I could hear her crying as I tried to go to sleep.  She was saying that she was scared and wanted to go home.  I did not have the heart to tell her that this was our new home.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was a nice house and my neighbor is a Saint.  It just was not our house.  I am sure we both eventually fell asleep that night as our whole lives flashed before our eyes.

The neighbor I moved in with decided after two years to rent out my room to two elderly people for more money.  This of course meant I was politely evicted.  The neighbor was really nice about it and gave me two months to find a new place to live.  I found a room and thought for a month and a half that I had somewhere to go.  That was until the person changed their mind at the last minute and left me with two weeks to Benzfind a place.  The elderly people were scheduled to move in my room before the two weeks ended.  This meant that all my stuff was politely moved into the garage.  It’s hard to describe how I felt standing in the middle of the garage with all my stuff scattered all over the place.  It certainly did not help matters that my doctor had me on a new anxiety medication that made me feel suicidal all the time.  Two friends on two different occasions had to call the police on me because I expressed being suicidal.  The police took me to a mental hospital emergency room against my will on both occasions.  I remember silent tears of frustration ran down my face the first time they put handcuffs on me.  It was definitely one of my lowest points. I never felt so humiliated.  This was even though the seven police officers who showed up were really nice to me and told me that I was not being arrested.  I was detained for 24 hours each time for observation.  The emergency room doctor diagnosed me with severe adjustment disorder.  I am happy to report that I have been given new medication and don’t feel suicidal anymore.  However, at the time, the feeling I felt was absolute dread.  I had a feeling of dread because I already knew that finding an affordable place in Silicon Valley was going to be difficult. — Supporting Article  However, fortunately, at the last minute I found a place to live.  I found a 10 x 15 bedroom for $725 a month.  I have a few items in the room.  I have my desk and computer and computer monitors.  I have my two end tables and my TV.  I have no bed and sleep on the floor because there is really no room for a bed with my desk in the room.  It was one of the reasons I just gave my $4000 California King bed away.  I knew I would never be able to afford a room big enough to put it in.  That was the good news.  Now here is the bad news.  I was evicted two months later because the landlord is losing his house.  Something he did not tell me when I rented the room.  Therefore — unfortunately — I am homeless again.  I have to be out by May 1st.   An attorney offered me a job in Washington State.   So I am off to Seattle!

Therefore — Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion — I can now confidently say that I have lived long enough to see all my dreams and nightmares come true.  That’s because it’s readily apparent that my American Dream has turned into an American Nightmare.  I am now where most people fear to be.