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By John Sellers — In 2008, Richard Bowen blew the whistle on Citigroup’s massive subprime mortgage scam, helping taxpayers recover $7 BILLION from Citi.

In 2016, Other98 is going to find more whistleblowers like Richard Bowen, because we’re sick and tired of waiting around for the government to investigate and prosecute these A-holes.

How will we do it? With, our Wikileaks-style website for financial whistleblowers.

Can you chip in a few bucks right now to help us grow WhistleblowWallStreet? Your gift will be DOUBLED thanks to an awesome donor!

Whistleblowing is one of the most powerful tools we have in the fight to break up big banks. But blowing the whistle is a scary, complicated thing to do. We designed to fix that. WBWS makes it simple to come forward with evidence of wrongdoing, with a team of lawyers right by your side from Day 1. If we’re going to find the next Richard Bowen, we need to make sure he or she knows exists.

We have a bunch of juicy ideas to grab bankers’ attention. Like eye-catching ads in magazines, newspapers, and websites favored by Wall Street-ers, and working with current and former bank workers on creative actions outside banks in the major financial districts. Online, we’re expanding to be a trusted, authoritative destination for potential whistleblowers and the folks who love them – in short, making the WBWS net large enough to catch some really big fish.

WBWS’ success will depend on how well we’re able to publicize it, and that depends on you. Please make a tax-deductible gift today, before the year is out.

When we launched Whistleblow Wall Street, we struck a deep nerve, receiving major media coverage including Business Insider and the front page of the New York Post’s Business section. We’ve got some great ideas of how to expand WBWS — think Whistleblow Big Pharma or Whistleblow the SEC. O98 is going to use this momentum – and your support – to kick WBWS into high gear in 2016.

Please help WBWS grow with a tax-deductible donation today. Remember, any amount you give before the year is out will be DOUBLED, up to $25,000!

Thank you for support, and for everything you do to make this movement real.

John Sellers

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