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Whereas the people of the State of Washington are suffering significant on going financial hardship as a consequence of the financial crisis of 2008 and,

Whereas tax payers of Washington State funded bailouts of the financial institutions and,

Whereas hundreds of thousands of homeowners have lost their homes as a consequence of malfeasance of the financial services industry and,

Whereas a  large volume of national settlements, investigations and lawsuits indicated bank malfeasance and,

Whereas that malfeasance continues despite the efforts of the 2011 legislature and the WA Foreclosure Fairness Act and,

Whereas communities in our state are suffering from blight and homelessness and  state and municipal budgets are strained and,

Whereas the county property records exhibit evidence of crimes and counties suffer loss of revenue,

WE the People of the State of Washington demand that the 2016 Washington State legislature take immediate and appropriate action in response to this ongoing crisis.

WE the People of Washington state hereby demand an end to unnecessary foreclosure in our state.

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