dibert 01MFI-Miami Busts Trott Law Attorney Kevin Hammons Sleeping And Using A Courtroom As His Personal Bathroom


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The bizarre behavior of Trott Law Attorney Kevin Hammons has made me think twice about telling people I have seen everything when it comes to the crazy antics of foreclosure mill attorneys.

I have witnessed foreclosure mill attorneys blatantly lie to judges, file fraudulent documents on the court, express cryptic Nazi pride, show up drunk and as one West Palm Beach attorney did, wired from snorting blow all night.

I have to admit I have never heard of an attorney getting dressed in court or sleeping in a courtroom until now.

Trott Law Attorney Kevin Hammons must feel a brother needs to look good for the nice white lady judge at the 58th District Court because he treats the courtroom of Judge Susan Jonas like it was his own personal bathroom.

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