tornado over the house (3d rendering)

tornado over the house (3d rendering)

David Krieger’s Clouded Titles Only Creates Storm Clouds For Homeowners


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PiggyBankBlog Courtroom Bailiff: “All rise!  The Honorable Steve Dibert from has entered the Courtroom of Public Opinion!”

David Krieger’s Clouded Titles is nothing more than Rich Dad/Poor Dad for foreclosure defense. Even if you set aside the overpowering stench of David Krieger’s conviction for mortgage fraud and the controversy surrounding the meaningless and utter garbage of a report he did in Osceola County, Florida, David Krieger’s Clouded Titles is still outdated boilerplate garbage.

David Krieger’s Clouded Titles, like Neil Garfield’s Living Lies, does nothing more then peddle false hope and a false sense of empowerment to desperate homeowners. Krieger makes homeowners believe they can walk into a court house, file a lawsuit and walk out with a free house. It’s also one of those books ignorant foreclosure activists like to read because it makes them like feel intellectually superior around people who are as ignorant as they are about the mechanics of mortgage finance. They then pass copies of Clouded Titles around like Beatniks in the 1960s passed around dog eared copies of The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged. 

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PiggyBankBlog Courtroom Bailiff: “All rise! .The Honorable Judge John Wright has left the Courtroom of Public Opinion!”

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