Dear Mr. Ted Visner:

OMG!  No!  No!  No!  This is not the way to go about it!  I understand your frustration but you being “executed” in a standoff with a swat team in the end is NOT WINNING.  It might be winning the battle but ultimately losing the war.   That is because even you said you end up “executed”.  You only fight a war that way when you think you can win and not when you know you are going to lose.  This is even though I am quite sure there are many people here who agree with many of the statements you made in your youtube.

It is also important to mention your solution is not helping other homeowners in the same situation.  That is because it will make the public afraid of people who are making these kinds of legal arguments and who are facing foreclosure and eviction.  It will not help us but actually hurt us.  This is not to mention how this kind of solution you are talking about NEVER turns out the way the person doing it hoped it would turn out.  I mean — yeah — sure — you will be on the news and people will say your name and people will feel sad but eventually everyone will move on and forget who you were in the end.

Please understand you need to be alive and you need to unite people with your story and not be dead and divide and scare people with your story.  Your solution would only be effective if you had six million homeowners doing the same thing on the same day but you don’t have six million homeowners.  However, with all this being pointed out, please know everyone here cares about you and feels bad for you and understands your frustration.  That is because we are in the same situation.

Therefore, in conclusion, please be advised is more than happy to cover your story if you choose to do it a different way.  Very important people read  However, even considering, you must be alive for them to hear your story and not “executed”.  Please do not hesitate to contact a Piggybankblog Staff Remember should you decided to accept our offer.  I promise we will do everything we can do to help you. —


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