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Christopher King grew up at a prep school in Cleveland where he and most of his contemporaries believed he could change the World, or at a minimum, make a productive impact. He was a writer, editor and photojournalist in the late 1980s before law school, and subsequently an assistant attorney general, Civil Rights and Employment trial attorney, and escrow attorney. Along the way he also worked for a decade in land-use related issues including zoning and permitted.

Community activists ran courtroom video of his Civil Rights cases in the mid 1990’s, some of which may be seen in current YouTube videos.

He has won and lost and settled Freedom of Information Act requests, and was awarded a Mayoral Commendation for First Amendment conduct in New Hampshire. He maintains Mortgage Movies Journal, a real-time running journal with courtroom video and legal analysis of America’s foreclosure crisis.

To his knowledge he is the only person in the United States who consistently produces this type of courtroom video. 

Christopher King has granted the PiggyBankBlog Radio Show an interview.

Discussed Topics During Interview:

Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Courtroom of Public Opinion, it gives the PiggyBankBlog Staff and PiggyBankBlog Courtroom of Public Opinion Radio Show the distinct honor and privileged to introduce to you the former Civil Rights Attorney and former Ohio Assistant Attorney General  turned Courtroom Videographer Christopher King Interview!

PiggyBankBlog Courtroom Bailiff:  “All rise!  The Honorable Christopher King has officially entered the Courtroom of Public Opinion!” 

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