clinton twoPart Two of Three of Three Part John Wright Dream Trilogy!  In Loving Memory of Oma!


December 11th, 2013

By John Wright


“They were cheering and whistling.  The secret service guy glanced upward for a minute at a helicopter that was circling the school.  Then he reached over and opened the door on the limousine and stepped back.  Out came President William Jefferson Clinton.”

Please be advised the following story is a true story, but please understand, it is not meant to disrespect anyone’s faith or convert someone’s faith to mine.  This is especially considering that I am a person who does not believe that my salvation depends on what another person believes.  It is also especially considering I am not part of any church or religion.   I am — however — a person who believes in God and believes the two most important commandments are to “love God with all your heart” and “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Therefore — Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion — with the above being understood — it gives me great pleasure to present to you Part Two of Three Part Jesus Dream Trilogy titled — “Mr. President”.


The setting of the dream was in an average residential area with houses on each side of the street here in San Jose where I live.  The only interruption in the long line of houses on this street was a high school.  I was sitting on a six foot retaining wall that enclosed the yard of one of houses on the opposite side of the street from the high school.  I sat on this wall with my back facing the house behind me.  I stared at the high school entrance driveway directly across from me that led into the high school common area.  The high school common area was a place with black tar asphalt that went on for a distance straight away from me.  There were school buildings to the left surrounding the black asphalt and on the right was a huge grass area surrounding the outline of the asphalt.  The Jesus character in my dream sat on my left on this retaining wall staring at the high school with me.  This time he looked like the traditional Jesus.  He had long hair and wore a white robe.  We used mental telepathy to communicate with one another.  I felt extremely comfortable with him being there right next to me.  I do not really know how to explain it.  It was as though a very close family member who loved me unconditionally was sitting right next to me.  There was nothing I could ever do or say that would cause this person to withdraw their love from me.  It was completely unconditional.  It was an amazing feeling.  I felt so comfortable to be myself that I accidentally cussed while speaking casually.  The feeling was similar to the way you would feel if you accidentally cussed when talking to one of your grandparents.  What I mean is …. I felt completely safe and comfortable no matter what mistakes I made when speaking to him.   I felt unconditionally loved at all times and completely comfortable just being myself.  Then he began to speak to me.

The Jesus Character: “There is a reason I brought you here John.  I want to show you something.”

He then extended his right arm and pointed to the right of us down this residential street.  I slowly looked to the right of me and down the residential street from this wall where we sat.  I could hear a slight echo of motorcycles coming but I could not see them.  Then all of a sudden two police motorcycles with their lights on whipped around a corner and onto the street where we were sitting on.  I noticed they seemed to be escorting a black limousine and a parade of black cars and SUV’s behind them.  The limousine and other cars and trucks also had their headlights flashing silently with the sound of the motorcycles coming towards us.  I quickly took notice of the two small flags blowing in the wind on each side of the limousine hood.  My heart began to pound harder and harder and faster and faster with the realization that the most powerful man in the world – the President of the United States – was right down the street in a motorcade driving right towards me.  I noticed that my body and spirit seemed to be reacting instantly to whatever unseen energy was surrounding this event.  It was the kind of energy where one has goose bumps.  I was trying to come up with in my mind a word to describe the energy I was reacting to.  I could not put my finger on it though.  The motorcade began to slow down significantly about three house lengths away from where we were sitting.  I thought the motorcycles with the stream of cars behind them were going to stop right in front of us – but – they slowly turned into the high school driveway on the other side of the street opposite from where we sat.  There were now thousands of teenagers on the blacktop behind a rope where the motorcade stopped.  Some of the cars went speeding off in different directions and stopped inside the high school.  A bunch of guys in suits and white earplugs in their ears began to very quickly get out of the cars and position themselves in strategic formation.  One of them positioned himself right next to the limo door that was about to open — with teenagers waiting about 20 feet away.  They were cheering and whistling.  The secret service guy glanced upward for a minute at a helicopter that was circling the school.  Then he reached over and opened the door on the limousine and stepped back.  Out came President William Jefferson Clinton.  However I should say that I did not see him specifically or his face specifically from a distance.  I just thought it was him because he was the current president during the time I was having this dream.  I even remember not knowing in the dream if it was him or a specific president or every president.  Nevertheless I just sat there observing this from the wall with my eyes wide open.  I could not take my eyes away from him—not even one time — but at this point the one who identified himself as Jesus spoke to me again.  I slowly leaned back and to the left to listen to what he was saying because I could not take my eyes off this event.

The Jesus Character: “John – why do people react such a way to this man?”

He seemed to be making reference to the reactions from me and the crowd as this event played out in front of us.  I realized he was making specific inquiry to the physical reaction to this unseen energy that I could not find the words to describe.  So I just answered him while leaning back and not taking my eyes off of it even one time.

John Wright: “He is the President!”

The Jesus Character:  “I understand — but – he is only a man.  That is why I brought you here.  I want to show you something.  Everything you are about to see is everything he is and is everything he has ever wanted to be.  It does not matter if it is a good decision or bad decision.  It only matters that it is the decision that keeps him feeling this…….”

Bam! I was inside Clinton’s body seeing everything through his eyes.  I could feel everything he was feeling.  I could see the teenagers’ and adults’ faces smiling at me while I reached into the crowd to shake their hands and move down the line.  Everything was moving in slow motion so that I could have time to analyze the feelings he was feeling.  I still seemed to have a hard time identifying the energy that it was associated with though.  Then the word to describe the energy came to me.  The word was “glory”.  It was readily apparent that Clinton was addicted to the adrenaline high he received from others glorifying him.  It was almost to the point that he actually needed it at all times or he was uneasy and unhappy with himself.  He was not a person who could live with being just like everyone else.  He could not live with the thought of just being ordinary.  I could feel that he actually thought he was chosen.  He even thought there was a good chance he himself might even be Jesus because of the reaction of the crowd.  He was absolutely high on the glory the crowd was giving him.  I could see the crowd through his eyes as he reached out to shake hands and look into the eyes of those admiring him.  Then the dream froze while we were shaking one person’s hand.  I could see the look of worship in their eyes staring at Clinton.  Then Jesus said to me while I was still in Clinton’s body ……

”John — it does not have to be a good decision or a bad decision.  It just has to be the decision that makes him feel this.”

“BAM!” I was now back on the retaining wall sitting next to Jesus.  I lowered my head in sadness at the realization Clinton was not the man I thought he was.  He was instead a man who thought he deserved the glory that Jesus Christ should receive.  I stared down at the ground shaking my head in disappointment for a few minutes.  Then when I looked up I could see that Clinton and the Secret Service were moving again to another area in the high school.  My heart started pounding again with excitement.  Once again I could not take my eyes off the event.  It was as if I was hypnotized all over again.  The energy was that powerful.

The Jesus Character:  “John – this man is making very bad decisions.  He is making decisions that hurt people.”

My eyes instantly opened after I woke up from the dream.


omaThe next day I told my Oma about the dream.  My Oma — “grandmother” in German — was the first one I told about the dream that morning.  I remember being a little nervous because my Oma was always the type of person who had a zero tolerance for nonsense.  I mean — don’t get me wrong — there were plenty of tender moments.    Nevertheless — even considering these tender moments — I knew I would be the object of a few fast witty words after sharing my dream.  It’s ultimately the reason there was no surprise when her response after hearing the dream was — “You must be watching too much TV.”   

Later that day I went over to Oma’s house for dinner after work.  Oma always liked to have us eat in the living room where we could watch the news while we ate.  I took my place and sat in the living room on the couch where she would always put my dinner on the glass coffee table in front of me.  She brought my food and sat in her chair with her plate of food waiting for the news to come on.  The first thing that came on the news was something about President Bill Clinton.

The News: “President Bill Clinton made an UNANNOUNCED visit to a Bay Area local high school……..”

The news then flashed on Bill Clinton shaking hands with a bunch of teenagers at a local high school where I live here in San Jose.

Oma dropped her fork on her plate and slowly looked over to me with her eyes and mouth wide open.

Oma:  “John — why is the hair on the back of my neck standing up?”

John Wright: “I don’t know, Oma.  Maybe you are watching too much TV.”


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