Mad As Hell Picture twoFormer Trial Atty Rips Judge Robert B Young in Delaware Free Press First Amendment case


Written by Christopher King

And tell your friends to share. In 9 minutes of hell, I specifically address all that is wrong about Delaware Judges and Defendants screwing me out of my First Amendment Rights to run video in a public building. This is huge. Once they take me out there, other rogue states will no doubt try it too, and there is nobody in the Country with my background doing what I do. I will have this case discussed in law schools as well.

Note: Links to many Court filings (including my First Amended Complaint) and the bogus Decision dismissing my Constitutional Claims are here. AG Denn’s feet of clay are noted here, and a nasty Motion Hearing Transcript is annotated here. Other states handle it.

In this Revolutionary short film I invoke Peter Finch (Best Actor Award) from the 1976 Network classic as he stands and implores the American Public to stand up and say “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

The same goes for this situation in Delaware, where Rogue Justice reigns supreme compared to other area States, and Attorney General Matt Denn’s office has failed to do anything more than send me one email regarding my complaint to the Civil Rights and Public Trust section. This even though his predecessor Beau Biden issued an advisory memorandum warning government official that banning cameras is done at substantial risk because the law is evolving in a more permissive fashion. Well it may be, but they certainly don’t want some bike-ridin’ hippie-assed skinny little nigger from Seattle to prove it. We’re gonna Keep it Real here folks, and it just doesn’t get any more Real than that.

I also included some footage from successful Georgia Federal Plaintiff Nydia Tisdale’s Deposition of Defendant Gravitt and a passage from the court hearing where GA AG Olens sued the government on her behalf for a public records violation when they shut down her cameras. In Delaware I couldn’t even get meaningful discovery on what their policy is, nor could I run video in my Court hearing, in blatant violation of Rule 155. These people are complete rogues. How ironic that my first job as an AAG was that of Civil Rights law clerk…. (more at the journal page).

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