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December 13, 2013

By John Wright


There are many people around the world showing an interest in my recent postings concerning what I had seen and experienced when I was twenty four in 1993.  I am absolutely delighted everyone is enjoying the blogs and I am absolutely confident everyone will enjoy reading today’s blog.  I am confident because I am using a backup version of the daily blog posting I mentioned was suspiciously deleted in December of 2013.  I have even added additional information in the older re-posted blog to keep those who might have already read it entertained.  Please be advised I will also be posting a recent History Channel Interview with a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Investigator named “Terri” who experienced an event in San Jose, California in 1993.  It was interesting because my “sighting” was in the same State and City and Location and Time frame.

History-Channel-logoHistory Channel Interview:

The audience is instructed during the History Channel Interview to observe closely the very “first foothills” shown once the program has started.  That’s because the History Channel camera slowly moves forward over the very same foothills where we experienced many “sightings” occurring in 1993.  The foothills featured start with a long winding thirty minute horseshoe shaped back mountain road named “Calaveras Road”.  The thirty minute horseshoe shaped road eventually becomes “Sierra Road” once arriving on the other side of the horseshoe.   I worked and owned and operated a Driving School in San Jose for over twenty years.  Unfortunately I lost the driving school during the worst economic disaster our nation has seen since the Great Depression.   It was during these twenty years I instructed driving students that I named the thirty minute drive “Faith Drive” and Sierra Road side “Lights” because it had a view of “city lights”.

Therefore – Ladies and Gentlemen of The Court of Public Opinion – without further delay — it gives your host great pleasure to present the History Channel Interview with a MUFON Investigator.

Now let’s get this party started!

It almost makes one wonder whose sighting she was investigating.

I thought it was interested that “Terri” compared “The Men In Black” with “Mormon CIA” during the History Channel interview.   It was interesting because I was “Mormon” and “Not Mormon” within “one month” during a time these sightings occurred in 1993.   There was a “related reason” I chose The Mormon Church and a “related reason” why I would ultimately leave the Mormon Church but the reasons are personal.   Nevertheless please be advised I am not suggesting I concluded or conclude there was a connection with The Mormon Church and these “sightings”.   I am only explaining the reason why I thought it was interesting the MUFON Investigator named “Terri” was comparing “The Men In Black” to “Mormon CIA”.

The History Channel discussed “aliens” at one point in the show.  Nevertheless please remember I never said I saw an “alien”.  I said I saw “Unidentified Flying Object” and I “mean” “UNIDENTIFIED” in the true sense.  There were some people in our group describing what we had seen as “alien” but just not me.  It could have been because I was too busy saying — “What the F!#@@ is that!?” — and — calling it “Satan” instead.  Oh yeah!  Trust me!  I was not amused!  However — now that I think about it — I am sure some people in our group were also not always “amused” during those days.  This is only when I consider hearing the “Intuitive” responsible for you seeing these things scream out – “What the F!#@@ is that!?” — is generally a “bad sign” for everyone involved.  The “intuitive mind” — on the other hand — was probably another reason I was probably not describing them as “alien”.  That is because I “intuitively” sensed a more “human” and “secret government” and “secret military” and “chosen people” and “secret brotherhood” and “Church” and “Churches” and “Unseen Evil Presence” and “Ultimate Deception” instead.  However — unfortunately — I can only say it was an “Unidentified Flying Object” because “what I saw” and “what I thought it was” are two different things unless I can prove it.

Screen name Riv O’Liberty on Facebook: “Love reading what you’re sharing, however, you left us hanging on the ’93 experience; some moments others have one can only imagine and then there are those moments that some can relate to.“

faith and fear

The reason I never described the things I saw was because I wanted to be respectful towards the people who had witnessed these things with me nearly twenty years ago.  Please understand it was not just my friend and I who saw these things.  There were several other people who saw some of these things with us.  Some people I knew beforehand. Some I did not know at all.  Some I met because of what we had been experiencing.  Some I do not talk to anymore. Some I still talk to even until today.  I even let one Piggybankblog supporter talk to one of them to confirm my story. She is reading this blog today.  Some are not afraid anymore.  Some might still be afraid for their very lives even twenty years later.  I was told one guy had to be taken to a mental hospital the day after because he was terrified by what he had seen.  I can tell you all these people had one thing in common.  The common denominator was me.  I was the one who told them where these things were located.  I was the one who showed them the things they had seen.  May God forgive me.

There is no easy way to say this. We had seen an Unidentified Flying Object. We had actually seen several.  This is not to imply “aliens” or “extraterrestrials”.  They were “unidentified” because we still do not know what some of these “objects” were even until today.  There was no internet when these sightings occurred in 1993.  There were no cell phones.  There was also no one really talking about anything of this nature on television back in 1993.  That was until thousands of residents in Phoenix reported a gigantic delta-shaped craft the size of a football field flying over the City of Phoenix three years later.  One of those residents was the Governor of the State of Arizona.


I guess the Governor of the State of Arizona experienced what we experienced in 1993.  He found out the United States Military might possess things that could make a person think they were having a Virgin Mother Mary experience This is even though I myself have never personally had a Virgin Mother Mary experience.  I understand exactly how the Governor of Arizona felt though.  That is because I had also seen – in the words of the Arizona Governor – things that had “defied logic and challenged my reality nearly three years before his experience.

There have been some who have said I must feel fortunate there were other people with me to validate my story.  The answer is: “Yes and No”.  I figure the best to explain my “Yes and No” answer would be to include a conversation I had with someone who asked me to show them these “sightings”.  The conversation took place during a time before I had shown anyone these “sightings” in 1993.  I was having these “sightings” every single night for one month with no one else with me in the back mountains.  The conversation below was the first time anyone in 1993 asked me to show them these “sightings”.

Friend 1993: “Why are you staring into thin air.  Why are you upset?  I hope those tears are not because you think I asked to go because I don’t believe you.  I asked to go because I do believe you.  The whole ‘Group’ believes you.  The ‘Group’ was at “Lights” last night talking about everything you have been saying.  I mean — granted — I’m not going to lie to you – because there are two or three people in the ‘Group’ thinking you have lost your mind but these people are new and just met everyone.  The rest of us – the majority – John — do believe you — because we have known you for many years and know you would not be this upset unless it were true.

John Wright: “No.  That’s not why I’m upset.  You are good friend but I don’t care if anyone believes me or not because it does not matter.  I was upset because my mind played out the ‘yes or no’ answer to your question and I realized something.  I played out what it meant should you ‘see’ or ‘not see’ these things.  Then I realized I was screwed either way because if you don’t see them I am crazy but if you do see them they are real.”

There was the answer to why I said “Yes and No”.

The majority of the things we had seen were more of an “earthly” origin though.  I will give you an example. I myself stood anywhere between 150-500 feet underneath a large sized military jet that was hovering for ten minutes.  It made a noise when it flew towards us but it made no sound when it hovered.  It had no windows along the length of the jet and several large circular and round disk shaped lights dimly lit up in different colors (red – blue – green – white) along the length of the bottom.  I remember each circular clear round disk being anywhere between three to five feet in diameter.  The circular clear disks running underneath the plane eventually turned on each light existing inside in each round clear disk brightly flashing different colors.


Okay — I’m kidding — it was nothing like the Youtube above but I thought I would use a little dramatic license in case you were bored.  Nevertheless I can assure you some things we “saw” and “experienced” were much scarier.

I never saw the pilot but it was obvious whoever the pilot was could not see me or did not care that I watching the “light show”.  I eventually turned around and told the female friend to come outside with me and stand under the plane.  She screamed — “no f@$% way! You’re crazy! Get back in the car!”  I think it meant she was not going to get out of the car.  I — on the hand — continued talking to her from where I was standing because — “beam me up — Scotty!” — there was no way I was going to miss watching this up close.

John Wright: “Oh stop it!  I promise we are going to fine! Hey!  I was thinking! Do you remember the other night someone said they were watching something hovering in the distance and flashing different colors!?  I am almost positive it must have been a plane doing what this plane is doing!  It probably only looked weird because it was hovering and flashing different colored lights and they could not see the body of the plane!

I don’t know.  For some reason she was not amused.  However — then again — I did just meet this person the night before and I am sure it was kind of a weird first date.  I am guessing it was also because she was still very terrified from one of the more unexplainable things we had seen about an hour earlier.  I don’t blame her plane1-300x166though.  That one scared me too.  I am going to be honest though. Sometimes I thought it was funny because the person always acted like they were not afraid to see one of these things.  The problem was they always secretly did not believe I had actually seen them.  They were not afraid beforehand because they really did not think they were going to see them either.  Then they would always just about shit their pants when they did actually see them. She would not get out of the car.  I — on the other hand — your fearless leader — was more afraid of her driving — which is why I was standing at the edge of a cliff watching this thing hover about 150-500 feet directly in front of me over a canyon. This was far less scarier than her driving.

This large jet would have been directly in front of me had it been about 500 feet lower.  It was about 500 hundred feet above and directly in front of me though.  I wanted to know why it chose to hover right there.  So I looked over the edge into the bottom of the canyon below.  There was something flashing back same colors from about a 1000 feet at the bottom of the canyon.  I could not see anything else because it was pitch black. It seemed to be some kind of communication they were using.  That is when I very quickly determined it must be some kind of secret base built into the mountain.  However — to be honest — I do not know what it was — but only know what I was seeing.  At one point it turned the lights off. They were not even lightly dimmed at this point.  Then it turned on the regular flashing white beacon lights at the end of the wings before it started to fly away.  I cannot really think of any comparisons to the sound.  It made the very same strange noise it made when it flew in.  I cannot really think of anything to compare the sound. It did not sound like a regular jet airplane though.  It was a really weird sound.  It appeared to be like any other jet in the night sky when it flew away.

leonardoOne hour later someone tried to run us off the road.  That was when we realized we had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I am not being dramatic.  That was exactly what some stranger in a suit told me and my friend after threatening our lives nearly twenty years ago.  We had no reason not to believe this person after we had seen what we were not supposed to see.  I remember that day clearly.  We were on the inside lane on a two-way road out in the middle of the mountains — hugging the mountain as we were coming down.  We could hear some kind of truck slowly coming up the steep grade mountain road that had about a five hundred foot drop directly on the other-side of the lane.  The two lane road going up and down the mountain for miles required that both directions of traffic only drive somewhere around 30 mph for the constant turns winding around the mountain.  Eventually the truck coming up the hill and our car going down the hill on this two-way mountain road ended up on a straight away coming towards one another in both directions.  Then – all the sudden – the truck switched lanes into our lane and hit the gas while heading right towards us.  The space between the the truck and our car began to drastically get smaller within a matter of seconds.  We had one of two choices. One – we could continue forward in our lane in this game of chicken that might result in a head on collision causing death or some very serious injuries.  Two – we could swerve into the opposite lane of traffic while risking our car going off the five hundred foot drop into the canyon below in this game of chicken.  (You can click on the picture on the right to see a Youtube of the actual road we were on.) I was very lucky I was a driving instructor.  This meant I was very comfortable with taking control of the car on the passenger side where I was sitting.  Therefore – without even thinking twice – my left hand lunged with lightening speed to grab a hold of the steering wheel – but only after I noticed the driver of my car was going to choose the five hundred foot drop.  I was betting the driver of the truck was interested in living too.  That is why I firmly held the steering wheel fighting the driver’s urge to swerve in a panic to the other lane.  We both sat in absolute horror while the space between us and the truck began to get smaller within seconds.  I still remember the sound the truck made from the driver flooring the gas pedal while coming right towards our direction.  He was doing it on purpose. Our eyes were as big as saucers (no pun intended).  Then – just as quickly as it all started – the driver of the truck switched back into the his lane about fifty feet in front of our car.  The driver and I slowly looked over at one another panting still from the fear.  It was that close.

When we arrived home we were visited by two men in Untied States Air Force uniforms.  We could hear their car doors slamming after we turned the engine off in the driveway of the house where I lived twenty years ago. I remember we both slowly turned to see behind us two men in uniforms leaning up against their car with their arms folded.  They just stood there staring directly at us.  They did not say anything to us.  They just stared at us from across the street in this quiet residential neighborhood with their arms folded.  My friend had a CB radio in her car.  It was at this time someone with a very distinctive deep voice contacted us on the CB radio that morning shortly after this game of chicken.

Unidentified Person: “John!  Are you there!?”

John Wright: “This is John.”

Unidentified Person: “It appears you both were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Have a good morning.”

Then said nothing else.

I understand you are probably more interested in the other things we had saw on the other nights. I am talking about the things we saw that “defied logic and challenged our reality”.  However — unfortunately — like I said — I am not at liberty to tell you about most of the things we “observed” and “experienced”.  We all agreed we would never go public with most of the things we saw because some were terrified.  I even turned down being included in a well-known author’s book after he was able to confirm one of the “sightings” we saw on the news.

I spent the rest of my life researching this topic.  I have met most of the people you see on television regarding this topic. One of them was in the movie “Signs.”


I do have some good news for you though.  I have been given permission to tell you about three of the occurrences we experienced.

Therefore – Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion – upon popular demand – it gives me great pleasure to present to you Three HAPPENINGS THINGS we experienced “that defied logic and challenged our reality”.  It all started in the foothills with a view of the city of San Jose about twenty years ago ……….


It was like any other evening in October here where I lived in San Jose at the age of twenty four.  I always pretty much did the same thing every single night since I was in high school.  I drove up into the foothills where all my friends from high school would be at a spot called “lights”. (See picture on left)  We called it “lights” because the spot was surrounded by golden California open fields with an unobstructed view of the entire city.  This view allowed us to see all the way down to the San Francisco Bay to the right and all the way to Monterey Bay on the left.  Then across the valley and on the other side of the city lights was the infamous San Andreas and Loma Prieta and Santa Cruz mountains.  The open Pacific ocean was just right over these mountains.  However– for those of you who do not know — Loma Prieta was the spot where the San Francisco Earthquake was centered in 1989.  In between the foothills where we were and the San Andreas Mountains was the beautiful city lights of the world famous Silicon Valley.  It was called “Silicon Valley” because it was where most of your computers were born.  Steve Jobs of Apple Computer used to live in a community called Los Altos on the San Andreas fault line.  It was a beautiful view we had from “lights”.  I should know.  I bought a house in the very same foothills ……where I currently reside.  I had a female friend with me this one particular night in October when we went to “lights”.

Female Friend:  “Hey!  There is Doug and everyone!  Pull over to the side of the road!  He is here with his girlfriend!  Pull over!”

I pulled over on the side of the road.  There were about five people standing in a line looking out at the city lights.  We went and stood on each side of our friend Doug.

Doug: “Where the hell were you guys last night?  You both are always here.  You were not here last night.  Where were you?”

hamiltonsunsetFemale friend:  “John went to show me the funny lights he told us about in the back mountains driving home the other night! OMG!  He was not kidding!  Listen — I thought he was exaggerating — but he was not exaggerating!  I saw exactly what he said!  He made me drive in the back part of the mountains where there was nothing around us for hours in either direction!  I was thinking to myself – ‘where the is this dude taking me’ — but — then we saw something!  It was after John told me to pull over!  There it was!  There was this bright white ball of light in the middle of a field! (nervous laugh).  It was really easy to see because there was no other light or houses or cars around!  It was just this ball of light about a football length from where we were at in the car!  That is when it happened!  It started rapidly pulsating!  I screamed!  Then it shot across the field!  I screamed again!  It was to the point we had to turn our heads completely to the left and right when it had moved!  I felt like it was pissed off that we were staring at it (nervous laugh)! It started pulsating rapidly every time it stopped!  Then it shot off into the sky after about a minute after we saw it!  I never saw anything like it in my life!  I could not believe it!  It was exactly what he told us! I was afraid it was going to come after us!  So I slammed on the gas to get the hell out of there! I was terrified because I feared it might be above the car at one point! John was screaming at me the whole time –’stop – stop!  You are going to kill us with your driving!’ — but I could not stop!  I was terrified!  I could not believe what we had just seen!  I mean — OMG — he was not kidding!  I saw it with my own eyes!”

Doug: “Maybe it was just a street light that flickered out and it looked like it took off into the air.  Sometimes things have a reasonable explanation.  Maybe it was a malfunctioning street light”.

However – right about then – something in our peripheral caught our attention directly above the city lights in front of us.  It was like someone dropped a ball straight down out of the sky.  We slowly moved our heads upward to see something that defied all logic and made us question our reality.  It was a Neon Blue Ball the size of a full moon slowly moving across the sky above Silicon Valley.  It then stopped.  Then it shot off towards the San Francisco Bay in a matter of seconds.

Doug: “What – the – f@$# – was – that?”

I slowly looked over to see “Doug The Skeptic” standing right next to me with his eyes wide open while staring at me.  I did not miss a beat.

John: “I don’t know.  Maybe it was a streetlight Mother@#$#.”

It was right about then I looked down below us and noticed a Sheriff slowly driving up a up a two lane winding road heading up the mountain.  I estimated he was about five minutes away from where we were standing.  I continued watching him drive up the mountain thinking about how he must have seen the “sighting” over the city because it was quite large.  The female friend and I started walking back towards our car once we could see the Sheriff was about two minutes away from where we were standing.  That is because the officers usually ask everyone to leave every single time.  I entered the car on the passenger side and continued watching the Sheriff drive directly towards us on the road.  Then at one point he swerved and suddenly pulled his car alongside our car and motioned for me to roll down the window.  I remember this was never a good feeling at my age (24 yrs.) even though we were doing nothing wrong.

Sheriff: “Good evening.”

John Wright: “Indeed.”

Sheriff: “How are you tonight?”

John Wright: “I’m fine.  How are you?”

Sheriff: “I am doing okay.  Say – did you – umm – did you see anything – umm— I don’t know – umm – did you see anything out of the ordinary when you were looking out at the city lights tonight?”

John Wright:  “Nope.  Not a thing officer.”

Sheriff:  “I was asking because I was driving up the road and saw a … ahhh…ahhh..never mind.  Have a good evening.”

The Sheriff continued driving up the mountain until I could not see him anymore.  It was obvious the Sheriff had seen the Neon Blue Ball but I did not say anything because I was worried about being embarrassed.  I am sure you will agree there was no reason for me being “freaked out” and “embarrassed” on the same night.  This is especially when you consider I could just wait 20 years and embarrass myself by telling the Neon Blue Ball story to the thousands of people on my blog.

However — Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion — the next day World News reported how thousands witnessed a strange Neon Blue Ball flying over the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area.  The astronomers ruled out it was a meteor or comet or anything reasonable and were unable to identify what was flying over the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area.  The Neon Blue Ball in 1993 was therefore ruled an official “Unidentified Flying Object”.  The interesting thing is that the very next story on World News was that in Japan they had it on film and filmed strange lights over water that people were describing as angels.  

However — if that is already not strange enough — the strange thing was that they killed the story and never mentioned it again throughout the day or ever again.  It’s important to mention though that a medical expert who was writing a book about things like this confirmed that I was indeed telling the truth.  That’s because he also heard the same exact world news report that I heard on the radio on his way to work that morning.  However  —  just so you understand it was world news —  I have included the news theme song that was playing as the newsman  spoke about these two stories.


Therefore — there it is — I shared “three sightings” occurring in San Jose in 1993. .I am sincerely sorry the story must end here without me sharing “everything”  I had seen and “experienced”. .However — in the end — no worries.  That’s because I am confident one day the whole entire world will see what I had seen. .One day very soon.

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