dragpmThe Dragon Has Seven Heads


August 4th, 2014

By John Wright


My “abstract painting” style tends to spark a lot of questions from the audience members.  The July 15th, 2014 daily blog was no exception.  I received somewhere between 75 to 150 email inquiries from readers around the world.  For this reason I thought I would use this opportunity to answer a few questions.

Charles in Germany:Two years ago you shared how you accurately predicted the assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ life the day before it happened.  There was another time you shared how you accurately gave another prediction to someone you called the ‘praise the Lord guy’. WILL YOU ADDRESS:  Have you ever had any dreams or visions showing you when the world ends?”

Answer:  It is absolutely true that I predicted the assassination attempt would be on either someone in congress or someone in the senate the day before it happened on January 8th, 2011.  It is absolutely not true that I named “Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords” in the vision.  I gave the vision to Piggybankblogger “Kristina” from Las Vegas, Nevada on January 7th, 2011.

I stated — “You mark my words!  It happens tomorrow!  I guarantee you it happens tomorrow!  That’s because I have never been wrong when I receive what is called a crystal clear vision!  It happens tomorrow!  You will see I am right because it will be all over the news!

Unfortunately — on January 8th eighteen people were shot during a constituent meeting held in a supermarket parking lot in Tucson, Arizona. Six people died — including Federal District Court Chief Judge John Roll; Gabe Zimmerman — one of Rep. Giffords’ staffers; and a nine-year-old girl — Christina-Taylor Green. It made me very sad.

Let Them Who Have An Ear!  Let Them Hear!

I am sure Piggybankblogger Kristina is more than happy to confirm this conversation indeed took place. — kikizimports@yahoo.com

hostage at seaIt is also absolutely true that I predicted a Carnival Cruise Ship “Hostage at Sea” two months prior to the event actually happening.  I gave the vision to Piggybankblogger Jason Werner — or — better known as the “Praise The Lord Guy”.  Mr. Werner contacted me because he did not believe I was an “intuitive.” The “Praise The Lord Guy” wanted to put me to the test. This resulted in Mr. Werner asking me what I thought was going to happen next in the world.

I responded: “I see in the next two months there will be a Carnival Cruise Ship on the news.  I see the words ‘Hostage at Sea’ going across the screen but I don’t feel it has anything to do with terrorism.  It will happen within two months.”

Two months later I posted the news segment showing the Carnival Cruise Ship “hostage at sea.”

Praise the Lord!

I am sure Piggybankblogger Jason Werner is more than happy to confirm this conversation indeed took place. — Jason Werner Facebook

Matthew Chapter 1:17: Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David — fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon — and fourteen from the exile to the Messiah.”

An “intuitive” simply asks the question and finishes the equation.  For example — the question is ….. what would have been “fourteen generations” from that point forward to “fourteen generations” from that point forward to…….?  I believe this is the answer to your question.

Tony in the United States: “I noticed you always use the Pompeii-Bastille Song on your more spiritual blogs.  Is there a reason?”

Answer: There is a reason.

Rebecca in the United States: “You said you had several angel dreams and one God dream and three devil dreams and three Jesus dreams in 1994.  I have followed your blog for several years now and noticed you have never shared the one God dream.  Would you consider sharing the dream with the audience?”

Answer:  It would be my pleasure.

Therefore — Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion — I present to you the one and only “God dream” I had in 1994.  It has been appropriately titled — “The Dragon Has Seven Heads”.

roma-soldato-in-ecopelleThe dream begins with me and an angel floating side by side above a very ancient wooden roundtable.  This particular angel has appeared in several other dreams I’ve had but I am unable to describe him physically to the audience.  For some reason I am never allowed to remember the angel’s physical appearance. I am only allowed to remember the angel is always on my left side floating over different places and situations with me.  The angel never speaks to me but simply shows me things from either the past or present or future.  In this particular dream we were floating about five hundred feet above an old ancient round table similar to one that existed either hundreds or thousands of years ago.  Sitting around the ancient wooden roundtable were seven to fifteen to twenty men wearing red Roman solider uniforms.  Nevertheless I was unable to conclude whether the men were Roman or British or both.  I tend to lean more towards believing the old ancient round table had something to do with “King Arthur’s Round Table.”  I could see these men were in intense discussion.  Even though I was not allowed to hear what the men were discussing I had the impression it had something to do with an ancient conspiracy that would take place in the distant future.  Throughout the whole the round tabledream I was constantly trying to determine whether the men were Roman or British.  I was so perplexed that at one point I looked over at the angel to the left of me with great wonderment.  I was still staring at the angel with great wonderment when a very loud and authoritative voice spoke from directly above us.  It’s important to mention that the voice above me never identified “Himself” as “God”.  I only “perceived” it was “God” because it was very loud and powerful voice.  As the authoritative voice above began to speak the room started to slowly dim and darken.


The room continued to darken until it was pitch black and I could see nothing.  I remember the sensation of “waking up from a dream” but instead of waking up I would end up right back where the dream started with the angel floating with me over the very same ancient roundtable.  I continued to have the very same dream with the very same sequential events over and over and over again …all in this one night.  I must had the very same dream at least fifty times in a row during this one night.  The dream always ended the same way.


dragpmI continued sleeping and dreaming that I woke up and sat straight up in bed contemplating what I had just dreamt in the previous dream.  I immediately looked out the window directly across from the bed.  Quickly I noticed it was dawn as the morning sun was beginning to light up the eastern horizon.  Still in the dream I observed how the majority of the morning sky was still dark from the night when I noticed a bright ball of white light traveling towards the house from the southeastern horizon.  I eventually climbed out of bed and walked over next to the window wondering what it was.  I stared at it for a moment wondering if it might be a low flying airplane.  It was no “airplane” though because within seconds the bright ball of white light was directly outside my bedroom window.  It was so close that I could have reached out the window and touched it.  I remember specifically hearing a very high pitched sound becoming louder and louder in my ears until I heard a “pop” sound.  The little ball of light was now inside the bedroom with me and becoming brighter and brighter and brighter until I could not look at it anymore.  The brightness was that of a camera flash constantly becoming brighter and brighter until it filled the whole room with this bright white light.  It eventually became so bright that I started crouching into a corner covering my face as it was more than I could handle.  It was at this point I heard the same authoritative voice not from above like before but right in the room with me.


The dream sequence finally ends with me waking up and very quickly turning my head away from the rising morning sun as it beamed directly into my face.  I would spend nearly every day of my life for the next twenty years trying to decipher the meaning of my dream.  That was until one day in 2012 I finally deciphered the meaning.

Therefore — Ladies and Gentlemen of The Court of Public Opinion — REMEMBER!  THE DRAGON HAS SEVEN HEADS!

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