no clothesThe Emperor From Mandelman Bladders Smog Wearing No Clothes


June 23rd, 2014

By John Wright


The turnout regarding the Martin Andelman article I wrote on June 12th, 2014 was absolutely phenomenal. The article turned into an overnight success from a surprisingly positive outcome from a mixture of perfect ingredients. The combination of Celebrity Huffington Post Power Blogger Richard Zombeck and Low Level Celebrity Martin Andelman from the Mandelman Bladders Smog — along with mentioning the Wright et al vs. BofA lawsuit Update and the Convicted Attorney Mitchell Jay Stein Update apparently had a compelling impact on the audience. Piggybankblog literally received hundreds of responses to the article running the gamut from homeowners to attorneys and newspaper journalists to mortgage industry professionals. I have been shaking hands and signing autographs and kissing babies’ foreheads and healing the blind ever since I posted the article.

Piggybankblog received responses from the following:

  1. Piggybankblog regular audience members.
  2. Mandelman Bladders Smog regular audience members.
  3. Richard Zombeck Huffington Post regular audience members.
  4. Attorneys from all over the nation came on to read the Convicted Attorney Mitchell Jay Stein Update who showed more interest in the Martin Andelman article.
  5. Homeowners with low and high level customer complaints about Martin Andelman sent emails; one homeowner even stating that Mr. Andelman threatened to testify against him on the bank’s side.
  6. Attorneys with complaints of non payment for services rendered.
  7. Mortgage industry professionals sent emails stating for the record they had experience with Mr. Andelman and stated for the record they thought Martin Andelman was a “liar”; one mortgage industry professional calling Mr. Andelman an “epic liar”.

chat room

Email Response: “I’ve spoken to Martin Andelman a few times on the phone. He is great at talking a homeowner’s ear off and I’ve had 3 hour phone call sessions with him. He has sold me multiple reports costing over $1100.” Martin says he can help with my current situation but has not to date. He might be waiting for all my options to be exhausted before making his phone calls/emails. First he said he had back surgery in December and now he is on vacation but returns this week. The excuses are numerous and he often doesn’t return emails, texts, or phone calls. I still have hope that Andelman will make a call for me but if he doesn’t then myself and another person I know will be filing complaints to the attorney generals. A class action might be in order to straighten him out. He is quickly gaining the reputation of the worst kind of predator. Andelman provides hope, takes money, provides nothing and then leaves people hanging while they are already going through a very stressful situation. He is no different than the banks and I’ve often wondered if he is on the banks side. I’m surprised nobody has filed complaints against him already.

Guest17 (guest): Hi. In response to the Mandeman article, I spoke with that guy by phone like 45 minutes about 4 years ago re: saving my home in L.A. He seemed genuinely interested and gathered information, etc. At the end of the conversation, he offers me a choice of three attorneys. I phoned one of the attorneys and he said it’s 5k up front and no guarantees because the banks are hard to work with, etc. Long story short. It then occurred to me that Mandelman gets a referral fee. Just more CRAPOLA for the naive struggling.

Email Response: “Long story short. About four years ago when our home was being foreclosed, I spoke with M by phone. He spent 45 minutes with me. So, at the end of the call, he gives me two referrals to attorneys that might help me. Attorneys were not helpful at all. I knew more than they. Turns out, I think, the M was getting referral fees from the attorneys. Waste of time.”

There was one highly esteemed attorney in particular who claimed Mr. Andelman did not perform all the services he promised once given over two thousand dollars. This attorney stated for the record he “despised” Martin Andelman and would never forgive him. Because I am a person who believes we should always unconditionally forgive without requiring an apology because God forgives us I respectfully requested the attorney to please reconsider this position and humble himself before the Lord and actually pray for his enemy. The attorney agreed to reconsider his position and agreed to think about praying for Mr. Andelman and his family.

marketing shrinkI was very pleased to see that everyone enjoyed the article I wrote about Martin Andelman. I received nothing but positive responses but I am sure there were some people who thought I was suggesting there was something wrong with being an “Life Insurance Salesman” or “Marketer”. Please be advised I do not think there is anything wrong with someone being anLife Insurance Salesman” or “Marketer”. Although I must admit I absolutely despise a marketer who potentially uses known “marketing psychology” and “magic” and “mind altering manipulation” to deceive homeowners into believing they are “Homeowner Advocates” with “no financial incentive”. However — even considering — the statement I made in the article was specifically in reference to “Martin Andelman” being an “Life Insurance Salesman” and “Marketer” and was not directed toward anyone else. Therefore — with that being understood — please be advised I personally do not think there is anything wrong with anyone being an “Life Insurance Salesman” or “Marketer”.

tootThere are many reasons why I mentioned Martin Andelman was an “Life Insurance Salesman” and “Marketer”. This inference was intended to “humble” Mr. Andelman. That’s because there are many people who complain Martin Andelman is one of the most “self-absorbed” and “self-centered” and “self-loving” and “egotistical” financial opportunistic homeowner advocates on the internet. It was meant to be “humbling” because Piggybankblog has received numerous complaints from people who stated Mr. Andelman tends to “toot his own horn” and “glorify himself” on a daily basis for hours upon hours when speaking to people on the phone. I also made the statement because there have been many people who complain about Mr. Andelman’s tendency to elevate himself above others with a total “disregard” for other people he might perceive as being beneath him. Mr. Andelman uses an “authoritative” and “superior” and “expert” tone when he speaks to other professionals and homeowners suggesting Mr. Andelman might view himself someone “superior” and something “more” than an “Life Insurance Salesman” and “Marketer”. The statement was meant to be “humbling” because I personally believe Mr. Andelman is potentially using a marketing slight of hand trick when suggesting he has previous employment history deeming him an “expert” in mortgage banking topics. However — with that being said — the statement was not to suggest I am “smarter” than Martin Andelman when it comes to mortgage banking topics: even though I have proven to be smarter when sending a FedEx package. It was only to suggest that I do not allow an “Life Insurance Salesman” or “Marketer” named “Martin Andelman” to ever disrespect me or my time. I have never viewed him as an equal when it comes to “financial success” or “professional integrity” or “personal integrity”; especially considering the fact that I have never seen any “physical” or “material” or “intellectual” or “financial” or “ethical” indications to suggest Mr. Andelman has ever experienced anywhere near the financial success I experienced for over twenty years.

popmoney_keyboardMany people wrote in wanting to know the reason why I made the choice to dissolve the relationship with Martin Andelman. Please be advised it was not because I believe Martin Andelman is an “evil” or “bad” man. I have never viewed him as an “evil” or “bad” man but instead viewed him as “good man” who “sometimes” is one the most “self centered” and “selfish” individuals I have ever met. It does not suggest I “always” view him as being “self centered” and “selfish”. Actually there were several times I personally witnessed Martin Andelman showing a spirit of “generosity” and “unselfishness” and “thoughtfulness” towards me and other people. I am also stating for the record I have personally never believed Martin Andelman purposely scammed a homeowner with his services. I instead believe Martin Andelman potentially lacks discipline managing money. There are actually two reasons why I made the choice to dissolve the relationship with Martin Andelman and no longer be affiliated with him at this time. One reason is because I am a homeowner advocate and unfortunately Martin Andelman receives too many homeowner complaints. The other reason is because Martin Andelman has disrespected me and other people one too many times potentially believing we are beneath him. However — with that being said — I am not suggesting I would not be willing to work with Mr. Andelman in the future should he ever decide to change his “attitude” and correct whatever “circumstances” created the complaints. That’s because I have never been a person who judges a “service” over “spilt milk” but instead judges a “service” based on how the “spilt milk” is cleaned up.

Therefore — Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion — I wrote the article because it was meant to show Martin Andelman “who he is” and “who he is not” and “who I am” and “who I am not”. I personally believe the Mandelman Bladders Smog serves as nothing other than a mirror for Martin Andelman. I believe Mr. Andelman continually stares into the self created reflection in his “smog” and sees himself “smarter” and “bigger” and “more powerful” than any “lawyer” or “homeowner” or “judge” or “blogger” in the entire universe. It’s ultimately the reason the article was meant to be “humbling”. That’s because my belief is Mr. Andelman has stared too long into his “smog” and fallen in love with himself and become the “emperor with no clothes”.



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