intuitiveThe Man Who Could See Tomorrow


August 20th, 2014

By John Wright


Many people from around the world have been inquiring about the previous predictions I wrote about in the August 4th, 2014 daily blog. One reader in particular wanted to know about the most recent verifiable predictions I have made. There are simply too many to list but I am willing to share with the audience “some” recent verifiable intuitive visions I have experienced that have already come true. This is with the understanding that these visions are not meant to imply I am a “Psychic” or “Prophet” or “Jesus” or “chosen” or “special”. This is especially when you consider even as an “Intuitive” I routinely lose things and cannot find them. The only difference between me and most people might be that I experienced something traumatic in 1979 and leaving me with an absolute “belief” in the power of “God” and “faith” and “prayer”. I am only willing to share these stories because I want to show people who are suffering what happens when a “nobody” such as me chooses “faith” over “no hope”. I want to show people who are suffering how I watched the incredible come true when I believed in the impossible during a time I was suffering.

Therefore — Ladies and Gentlemen of The Court of Public Opinion — with my disclaimer being understood — and with no further delay — I present to you the most recent and verifiable intuitive visions I have received over the past few months and years. This story has been appropriately titled — “The Man Who Could See Tomorrow”.

I experienced the following visions or intuitions in 2012 and 2013 and 2014. Please be advised no dramatic license is being used in the recollection of events and conversations.

  • U.S. Embassy Bombing and U.S. Ambassador Death: In July of 2012 a relatively well-known investigative journalist friend called wanting to know if I could see what was happening next in the world. I told her in the next 2-4 months I could see a situation in the middle east where an American Embassy would be bombed and an American Ambassador would die. The investigative journalist acquaintance asked ben oneme if I was being shown why the event was happening. I responded: “I am being shown in a vision the embassy will be targeted because the embassy is a known secret CIA headquarters sending guns to rebels in Syria. I can see soon after an American reporter will be taken hostage in Syria because the people taking him will think he is a spy or CIA. The event will happen in 2-4 months but will not be reported on the news because the news and United States government will fear it could put the reporter in danger. I am being shown the event will be reported on the news at a much later time.” Then on September 11th, 2012 the “Benghazi, Libya U.S. Embassy Bombing” was reported and U.S. Ambassador Steven Smith would be the first U.S. Ambassador to be killed since 1979. Then in November of 2012 an American reporter was taken hostage. However — just as I predicted — the news did not report it until many months later as the U.S. was concerned for the reporter’s safety.
  • Elementary School Shooting: The same relatively well-known investigative journalist friend called me again in September of 2012 wanting to know what I saw happening next in the world. I said: “You are not going to like this one because you have a young daughter around the elementary school age but I don’t want you to worry because my vision has nothing to with your daughter. I see one of the first and sandy hook oneworst elementary school shootings occurring in the United States in the month of December of 2012. I am not being shown the state or the name of the school. The location sounds like ‘Christmas’ …..wait….no….I see something else happening around the same time. Around the same time I see a man wearing military fatigues walking into a mall and shooting people around Christmas time. Both events will happen within the next 2-4 months.” Then — on December 11th, 2012 — a gunman outside of ‘Clackamas’ County in Oregon walked into a shopping mall wearing tactical clothing and a hockey mask and opened fire on shoppers and employees with a stolen Bushmaster M4 Typed Carmine — firing 16 shots killing two people and seriously clackmaswounding a another. — (Clackamas Town Center). Soon after on December 14th, 2012 the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was recorded as the second-deadliest mass shooting by a single person in U.S. history. — (Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.) I am unable to provide the investigative journalist’s name or email for verification but I can provide an email to a friend who spoke to the investigative journalist about the incident. I am sure this person would be happy to verify this conversation indeed took place.
  • Missing International Flight: In February of 2014 I shared with several people that I could see within 2-4 months there would be a mystery involving a missing or crashed international passenger flight. I specifically stated the accident would remain malaysia onea mystery and many would blame terrorism. I also shared with several people that I continued to hear the word “Switzerland” in my mind. Then — on March 8th, 2014 — Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared without a trace of debris or crash site evidence. Previous to the Malaysia incident the news reported that a pilot from Africa had stolen a passenger jet and landed it in “Switzerland”. However — for the record —Flight 370 still remains an absolute “mystery”.
  • Iceland Volcano Becomes Dangerously Active: In July of 2014 I shared with a supporter” a vision regarding an ancient inactive volcano in Iceland suddenly becoming dangerously active within two months. I told her to write it down to make sure she remembered that I told her before it happened. The other day she surprised me with a visit from Southern California. Then — on August 20th, 2014 — while she was visiting she and I were watching the news on CNN when the news reported how “Iceland” aviation is at risk of a possible new ancient volcano eruption.
  • Mount Everest Avalanche: In February of 2014 my next door neighbor asked me what I see happening next in the world. Over the years he has come to realize that I am fairly accurate. I responded “I can see in 2-4 months deaths caused by ‘ice’. I am not sure whether or not these people ‘fall through ice’ or if ‘ice falls on them’. I mount everest onecan only see a mountain range with snow and no people on the mountain. The mountain looks like Mount Everest but I am not sure. I just keep hearing ‘death by ice’ and ‘trapped under ice’ continuing to see a mountain with a lot of snow around the top and the base. I am perceiving these people either die falling through ice on a lake or die in a historic avalanche. Therefore — be vigilant for a group of ice skaters or mountain climbers falling through ice on a lake or in a historic avalanche within the next two months to four months.”
  • On April 18th, 2014 — CNN reported that a historic avalanche on Mount Everest near Everest Base Camp had erupted killing 16 people. – (Mount Everest Avalanche.)

I am sure the whole thing has been just one big gigantic coincidence and I am just a lucky guesser. Nevertheless — Ladies and Gentlemen of The Court of Public Opinion — the National Monument is one thing — but soon all eyes shall be on Israel and the lessor ten in greater Arabia shall start walking more like an Egyptian.

PiggyBankBlog Courtroom Bailiff: “All rise! The Honorable Judge John Wright has left the Courtroom of Public Opinion!”


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