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By Scott Stafne

History demonstrates seeds of hope can grow robustly in the soil of tyranny because oppression leads us to crave light and liberation. I am not the leader or founder of Church of the Gardens (COG).  COG is a growing movement of spiritual people called together to pursue an imperative mission. My observation is COG grows through spiritual synchronicity and the free exercise of faith.   COG is presently a small movement of conscience. It will need members to grow into a groundswell politicians and judges will take into account. Rising to the needs of the day together we can be the change we seek.  I want to thank John Wright of the Piggybank blog for the work he has put into this production. I am proud to have been involved in COG’s formation. I am also proud to be the advocate for the Church, its members, and those persons COG was created to help and protect. COG has no single spiritual leader;  as a spiritual movement it personifies the natural inclusiveness of a garden. Gardens are composed of many different types of creations, together making up a whole greater than their sum. Through complementarity we embrace a fresh approach.   COG seeks to establish community with other faith-based organizations to network the distribution of hope, food, faith and good will. Please join COG.

PiggyBankBlog Courtroom Bailiff:  “All rise!  The Honorable Elite Attorney Scott Stafne has entered the Courtroom of Public Opinion!”

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