pimp-cartoon SERIOUS PIMPIN’


December 21st, 2013

By John Wright


On May 20th, 2013 it was reported that Homeowner Mass Joinder “Godfather” — Attorney Mitchell J. Stein — had been found guilty on all fourteen counts in a Florida courtroom in a multi-million dollar stock pump and dump scheme. — DOJ Official Site   He was immediately taken into custody since he was deemed a flight risk.  However — since then — Stein made a request for a new trial.  That’s because he claims the United States federal government had engaged in a conspiracy against him during his trial.  According to many legal experts — it is highly unlikely that he will be granted a new trial.  However — at the very least — he has effectively put off his August 2013 sentencing date to February of 2014.

Story!  Story!  Story!  That’s right!  It is the Mitchell J. Stein behind the scenes story hour!  I figure it is the least I can do since I have received at least a dozen emails requesting another personal behind the scenes Mitchell J. Stein story.  However — before we get started and for any newcomers reading this — I think I should at least give a little background on the infamous and notorious and simply scandalous Attorney Mitchell J. Stein.

Mitchell J. Stein — “The Doberman” — was a very well-known and powerful celebrity attorney contracted by Brookstone Law Group to represent the Plaintiffs in the Wright et al vs. Bank of America lawsuit.  This lawsuit had been filed on behalf of the homeowners on February 15th, 2011.  Everything seemed to be going great at first.  That was until Mitchell J. Stein potentially conspired to take over Brookstone Law Group in an effort to have all the money for himself.  This — unfortunately — would cause my metaphoric “parents” — Brookstone Law Group and Mitchell J. Stein & Associates — to fight constantly for control of me and my blog and the Wright et al vs. Bank of America lawsuit.  It would ultimately result in my “parents” being “divorced.”  This “divorce” — however — would result in a “child custody battle” for — none other than — me and Piggybankblog.com.  Therefore — just like any child of divorced parents — I began to play both “parents” against one another to my maximize my benefit in fighting one of the largest banks in the world.  This is when “Mommy“ (Brookstone Law Group) began taking me to Disneyland and “Daddy “ (Mitchell J. Stein & Associates) bought me new cars.  There was a very good reason why both my “parents” were fighting for custody.  The reason was because I had gone to extraordinary lengths to pimp my ride.  I felt absolutely adorable.

I knew “Mommy “ would stop taking me to Disneyland and “Daddy” would stop buying me new cars the day I actually chose “Mommy” over “Daddy” or “Daddy” over “Mommy”.  That is exactly why I chose to stay with both “Mommy “and “Daddy” without choosing either one of them.  That was until “Daddy “(Mitchell J. Stein & Associates) was raided for being involved in a mailer scheme and Attorney Mitchell J. Stein was arrested for a massive multi-million dollar stock pump and dump scheme involving a company called Heart Tronics.  That was the thing about “Daddy”– he always knew how to ruin a good time.  However – in the end — Mitchell J. Stein went to federal prison for the the Stock pump and dump scheme — thus — leaving me in the custody of “Mommy” (Brookstone Law Group) ever since.  “Daddy” was much more fun than “Mommy” but we simply have no choice when we are the children of divorced parents.  The rest is history.

Therefore — Ladies and Gentlemen of The Court of Public Opinion — with no further delay — I now present to you another personal story involving my personal experience with the infamous and notorious and simply scandalous Attorney Mitchell J. Stein.

Mitchell J. Stein was constantly trying to get me to turn against Brookstone Law Group — almost every single time I talked to him.  This was never more readily apparent than the time he invited me to his mansion in Woodland Hills in Southern California.  Mitchell J. Stein made one very valuable mistake after I arrived.  This cheap bastard made me take a taxi from the Los Angeles airport to where he lived in Woodland Hills.  It had taken me over an hour in rush hour Los Angeles traffic on a Friday.  Then – to add insult to injury – he made me pay for my own room at the Marriott hotel in Woodland Hills.  I was not accustomed to this.  The other firms I deal with usually send a stretched limo to pick me up from the airport.  They usually paid for the most expensive suite at the top of the most expensive hotel when they were actually the one inviting me to L.A. for a visit.  That is why this situation would be a prime example of where “Daddy” was “so smart” and yet “so stupid” at the same time.  That is because I almost turned around and got on the plane back to San Jose.

woodlandWoodland Hills is a very affluent district in the City of Los Angeles.  Mitchell J. Stein lived in a very nice mansion in a gated community in this affluent community.   There were many celebrities who live in the very same neighborhood. His mansion was a little tired looking (old) — nevertheless — it was certainly a mansion beyond any stretch of the imagination.  I remember how impressed I was with the palace style dining room with the palace style chandelier hanging above the long palace style dining room table — it was quite outstanding.  His workout room was bigger than my entire 1,800 square foot house.  The whole scene seemed to look staged. It almost looked like a house someone had bought with the furniture already in it.  It is hard to explain.  I guess I am saying it did not really look like a family lived there.  Stein and I had arrived back at his mansion after having a few drinks at a bar and grill he liked to frequent in Woodland Hills.  We were met at the door by his wife in her bathrobe at midnight.  His wife was the daughter of one of the people responsible for starting Motown Records.  There did not seem to be much affection between Mitchell and his wife.  I would find out later they slept in different rooms (unconfirmed).   However — after his wife went back up stairs — Mitchell J. Stein continued to give me a tour of his mansion.  He did this with great enthusiasm.  Eventually we ended up downstairs in his small but extraordinary office which connected to a wine cellar.  It was a very impressive wine cellar.  I remember there was a small stream of water running around and through the wine cellar.  It reminded me of the chocolate river in the movie Willy Wonka.  The walls of the wine cellar reminded me of the Raiders of The Lost Arc ride at Disneyland.  That is because there were stones in the wall. Stein grabbed a very expensive bottle of wine just before we exited the wine cellar back to his connecting office.  There was an executive style cherry wood desk with a stunning executive style matching chair behind the desk in his office.  There were personal framed pictures of bad boy celebrities such as Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson and Joe Pesci.  The pictures showed they were personal friends.  This would certainly explain why Mitchell J. Stein liked me so much. I have been told my personality would be comparable to each one of these bad boy celebrities mentioned. Some pictures showed celebrities right there at his mansion with him.  There was one picture that even showed former President Bill Clinton sitting on the very same couch that was located in Mitchell J. Stein’s office right next to me.  That is why I don’t think anyone should blame Stein for bragging about being personal friends with Bill Clinton.  That is because — correct me if I am wrong — but I do not think anyone reading my blog today has a picture of Bill Clinton sitting on their couch.  There were also several expensively framed paintings on the walls.  There was one painting that stood out the most. It was the life sized painting of – none other than — Mitchell J. Stein himself.  It was on the wall opposite where he sat at his desk.  That is why nobody should ever say the man does not like looking at himself.  It was clear he was his biggest fan.  However — the point is — it was a very nice house.  I personally did not give a shit how nice his house was or what celebrity he knew though.  I am only explaining these things to help the reader understand how Stein’s environment would seduce people into believing his lies.  Mitchell J. Stein displayed a certain measure of success that suggested credibility.  It was very powerful imaging. I am sure that was exactly why he brought me to his mansion.  He was obviously trying to use this environment to convince me to help him take over Brookstone Law Group.  He was talking to me about Brookstone Law Group the entire time I sat on the other side of his cherry wood desk sipping very expensive wine.  At one point I watched him reach under the desk to push some kind of button.  I had the impression he might be activating some type of recording device before he asked me the questions that existed in his beautiful mind.

Mitchell J. Stein: “John — listen — I have some very important questions for you about Brookstone Law Group.  I would like to know what is going on there.  I want you to tell me what you know.  I have also heard there is a unification of law firms who all secretly work for you.  What does that mean?”

John Wright: “It means nothing.  You need to remember that. You need to remember I am only a client.  That is exactly why I have no idea what Brookstone Law Group is doing.

Mitchell J. Stein: “I see.  I have heard that before.  John — you have been known in many important circles to be a man who has great intuition.  That is why I would like you to tap into what you think is going on with those at Brookstone Law Group.”

John Wright: “Hey!  What is that on your desk?”

I reached forward and grabbed a little six inch by one inch black box that had the words “Serious Pimpin” written across it in gold writing.

Mitchell J. Stein: “Oh — it is nothing — um — it was something someone at Broosktone Law Group gave me a while back.  It is nothing. Let’s get back to my question.  What do you think has been going on over at Brookstone Law Group? “

John Wright: “Mr. Stein — I see you are man who has a hard time taking “no” for an answer.  You should with this question though.  That is because this particular question could make things very complicated for you in the day I am able to answer it.  However — since you insist — I will try to answer your question.

Mr. Stein — I ran away from home when I was only fifteen years old.  I would stay at different friend’s houses during that time.  I was forced to live in some very ungodly places in the poor sections of town sometimes.  I made sure I was never involved in anything.  I just studied some of the people who were in business around me during the time I lived on the streets.  I never knew any of them personally. I only studied them from a distance. Some of them were drug dealers.  Some of them were professional thieves. Some of them were prostitutes. I personally found all of them repulsive.  However — even considering — I realized something. I realized they were all just business models.  I always thought the business model of the prostitute was the most interesting one.  There was the employee who was the prostitute. There was the manager who was the pimp.  There was the customer who was the client.  It was a very smooth operation that left all three parties winning at the end of the transaction.  That was unless one of the dirty little whores became greedy.  I will give you an example. One day I noticed the prostitute had engaged the customer without first going through the pimp.  The dirty little whore wanted all the money for herself.  This — however — never worked out very nicely for the prostitute in the end.  There were consequences for breaking her contractual agreement with the pimp.  So — you see — the pimp — well — he was not very happy when he found out the prostitute was trying to steal the client from him.  Therefore — in the end — the pimp made sure the prostitute did not have a client ever again from that day forward by making her not look so pretty.

Now — that was the business model I observed being used by the pimp and prostitutes.  However — Mr. Stein — do you know what would be going on’ in the day the pimp replaced the prostitutes with attorneys?”

Mitchell J. Stein: “No. What?”

John Wright: “Well — Mr. Stein — in that day — I guess there would be some very serious pimpin’ going on.”

Many months later Mr. Stein had someone sue me and a Oprah reporter and a law firm owner.  He simply sued them for being my friends but he sued me for being an “Internet Godfather.” The lawsuit said that I knew very powerful people and had my people in every state physically follow people.  The lawsuit was of course bogus.  Therefore — with that being understood — I responded with immediately writing articles about Attorney Mitchell J. Stein.  This was during a time where the California Attorney General and FBI routinely read articles that I wrote.  The lawsuit was later dismissed.

The infamous and notorious and simply scandalous Attorney Mitchell J. Stein was immediately taken into custody after his trial on May 20th, 2013.  He was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail in Florida until his sentencing occurs in February of 2014.  That is when he will be moved to a federal prison.  One courtroom observer said “his face turned as pale as a dead person” when he realized the judge sided with the United States Government for not letting him out.  He is looking at a possible sentence of 17 years or more if the federal government gets their way.– DOJ PAGE UPDATE

Mitchell J. Stein did not have a client ever again from that day forward.