stairs-to-heavenWe Must Forgive If We Want God To Forgive Us! Do You Forgive?


By John Wright


“Truly I say to you, if you are angry with someone, you are subject to judgment! If you call someone an idiot, you are in danger of being brought before the high council. And if you curse someone, you are in danger of the fires of hell.  So if you are standing before the altar in the Temple, offering a sacrifice to God, and you suddenly remember that someone has something against you, leave your sacrifice there beside the altar.  Go and be reconciled to that person.  Then come and offer your sacrifice to God. Come to terms quickly with your enemy before it is too late and you are dragged into court, handed over to an officer, and thrown in jail.”  Those were the words of Jesus. — <(Matthew 5:22-25)

I recently shared with the audience “Several Angel Dreams” and “One God Dream” and “Three Devil Dreams” and “Three Jesus Dreams” I experienced in 1994.  Since then — someone wrote in wanting to know what dream I had first. I explained to this person how the dreams I shared with the audience were shortly before the personal crisis “ended”.  The first dream — on the other hand — was shortly before the crisis “started”.  I explained to the reader how the first dream might even reveal the whole reason God allowed me to go through the crisis nearly taking my life in 1994.  The person who wrote in asked me if I would be willing to share the “First Dream” with the audience.  I told her it would be my absolute pleasure.

Therefore — Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion — I present to you the very first “Angel Dream” I experienced in 1994.  The dream has been appropriately titled — “Do You Forgive?”

FOG ONEI had a dream in 1994 that I died at the age of twenty four. In the dream I was standing in waste high fog that seemed to go on forever in all directions.  It was just me and this fog.  I stood there looking left to right.  Then when I looked back I could see a podium ten feet in front of me. I looked left toright again.  Now a man was standing behind the podium with a large book.  He had short white hair and the skin on his young face seemed tanned.  He had piercing blue eyes full of life.  I thought he was my grandfather at first but I looked closer and it was just someone who looked like my grandfather.  I took notice of the fact that he was wearing only a potato sack with the arms and bottom cut out of it.  We began to communicate telepathically.  I could hear and feel what he was saying and feeling without him moving his lips even one time.  He could do the same with me.

John Wright: “Why are you are wearing a potato sack?”

The Man: “It’s to show you that I am the least in heaven.”

John Wright: “I see.”

The Man: “Do you know what this book is in front of me?

John Wright: “No.”

The Man: “It’s a book about your life.  It’s you.”

John Wright: “That’s okay.  I am not afraid.  I have lived my life in truth.  I have never hurt anyone or done anything against God.  I did the best I could with what I had.  So read on — my brother — because I stand before you an innocent man.”

podium oneHe began to turn the pages of the book of my life from beginning to end.  He read about the horrible physical abuse I suffered as a child.  He then read the rest of the book to the very end.  I could see he was smiling with delight when he read all the kind things I did for those around me both in secret and sometimes publicly. There was such joy in his heart.  Then something happened. I could see the smile leave his face as he started reading the end of the book.  He looked sad and disappointed.  Then he looked up at me and away from the book with the same sadness and disappointment in his eyes.

John Wright: “What?  What’s the matter?”

He looked up at me with the saddest and most disappointed expression.

The Man: “John – you have lived an extraordinary life.  You have overcome many things and remained a good person with a good heart.  You remained a good person.  You did not let it change you like it has done to so many.  I only have one question for you though.”

John Wright: “What is it? Tell me!  What is it?”

white flashHis voiced changed when he said the next thing he wanted to say.  In fact – at this point in the dream — I realized it was not his voice at all when he said what he wanted to say to me.  Instead the voice was powerful and authoritative and seemed to punch through him when he asked the question.  The powerful sound of his voice now confirmed to me what the bible meant when they said they could hear the voice of many thunders.  It was a deep voice. was calm but authoritative.  The mighty voice was calm but authoritative and it echoed around the fog from the outside in.

The Powerful Authoritative Voice: “Do you forgive?”

I went to answer fast but stopped short when I answered.

John Wright: “Yeeeeee……”

SHAME ONEI stopped short because I realized he could feel everything I was feeling when I talked.  People and situations flashed before my eyes.  I thought about how my father abandoned me at age six when he committed suicide.  I thought about the former step-father who relentlessly beat me and tried to murder me when I was nine. — The Day After Story   I thought about every single person who did an injustice to me.  However — most of all — I thought about my mother who was cruel to me as a child.  I was ashamed because I realized I had forgiven them with my lips but not my heart.  I wanted to forgive them with my heart but I could not.   I slowly looked down in shame before I looked back up to answer him.

John Wright: “I guess I don’t.”

The Powerful Authoritative Voice: “Why?  God forgave you.”

hand one I then felt as though a hand was dropping a hold of me. I fell through the fog downward.  I could feel this falling sensation in my stomach.  I landed on my bed bouncing up and down from the fall waking up instantly and opening my eyes ……. still gasping.  I did what I always do when I wake up from a spiritual dream such as this one.  I meditated and considered the message. It was during this meditative state I realized I had conquered climbing every single spiritual mountain I sought out with the exception of one.  It would be the biggest mountain of all of them.  That mountain being………….myself.

Therefore — Ladies and Gentlemen of The Court of Public Opinion — never give in!  Never give up!  Never hate those who hate you!   That’s because in the day you do your enemy has truly won!  The message is simple!  We must forgive in order for God to forgive you!

May God be with you during the day of your disaster such as He was for me.  May God be with you during the day of your test.


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